“Should Christians Be Afraid of Muslims?” presented by missionary Dan McNerney on Friday, March 6, 7-8:30 pm.

Reverend Dan McNerney Frontier Fellowship

Reverend Dan McNerney
Frontier Fellowship


On Friday evening, March 7, Dan McNerney will address what has become a real concern for many Christians. Dan, with Frontier Fellowship, has years of vital involvement with churches in the Middle East. He has taken many Christian leaders to Egypt to increase awareness of vibrant church communities in Muslim countries. Reverend McNerney maintains active contact with church leaders in Egypt and other Muslim majority countries. Dan has established dialogue between mosques and churches in Chicago as well as in many other cities in the US. He has also developed new projects for a Gospel witness in the United Arab Emirates. Dan will share with us what is actually transpiring in the Muslim world. If this has become a concern of yours do come and hear Dan clarify for us what a Christian’s concerns should be. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Reverend McNerney address these critical issues. Should we be afraid? Come and find out!

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When: Friday, March 6 at 7:00 – 8:30 refreshments following

Where: St. Luke JOY Church 4301 NE Vivion Road, KCMO 64119