Our Missions

At St. Luke JOY we believe it is imperative to serve others, particularly those who are in need. We live in a fallen, broken world where the gospel message is desperately needed to be heard.

Local missions supported by St. Luke JOY include the following:

In As Much Ministries – A food pantry located in Liberty that serves all of Clay County. It is uniquely a choice pantry meaning the client is able to choose approximately 25 items they desire from a reasonably extensive selection. Also, In As Much is authorized to dispense government commodities.

Metropolitan Lutheran Ministries – Another food pantry that serves all of Kansas City. The northland location is just west of St. Luke JOY on Vivion Road at St. James Lutheran Church.

Salvation Army Team Table – St. Luke provides workers and funds for a soup kitchen on 9th Street in the center city.

Heartland Camp – A lovely camp sponsored by the Presbyterian Church located a short distance west of Parkville. Children associated with St. Luke JOY attend this camp, often on scholarships.

Freedom Fire – This is a ministry to young people in the heart of the inner city. Members of St. Luke provide snacks and supervision during play time as well as mentoring.

Shepherds Center of the Northland – This is an extensive ministry to the elderly. Members of St. Luke JOY were actively involved in the formation of this organization and continue to participate in leadership and as volunteers.

Mission Trip – Members and friends of St. Luke JOY have traveled to the Rocky Mountain region in early Summer to work at camps to get them ready for the camping season. This last June 50 folks from St. Luke worked at a church camp in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

St. Luke JOY is also actively involved in international ministries.

Wycliffe Bible Translators – We provided financial support to the Bramlett family who spent 23 years in the northern portion of the African country of Cameroon translating the Bible for the Hdi people.

CRU (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) – We provide spiritual and financial assistance to the grandson (and their family) of one of our church members who ministers to a people group overseas.

Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship – Dan McNerney has a ministry with the Muslim world, particularly Egypt as well as in the United States.

All Gods Children – A medical mission in the African country of Zambia. This mission is headed by the Chaney family who reside in the northland.

Christian Children’s Fund – St. Luke JOY has adopted and supported a child, mostly from southeast Asia, over the years.