The Westminster Shorter Catechism asks in its very first question, “What is the chief end of humanity?”  The answer–“To glorify God and enjoy him forever!”  At St. Luke JOY Church we believe that God created us for one reason, and that everything else flows from that reason.  God created us to worship, glorify, and adore him.  Worship is more than coming together on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings as a community of faith.  It is all inclusive in how we live our lives, share our love, and encourage one another.  Everything that we do is a reflection on the Lord God in all of God’s fullness: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jesus is THE Lord and the Savior of the world. “The way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6).  Jesus wants to give His JOY to everyone.

The Bible is God’s infallible Word, revealed and written down for faith development, discipleship, and deployment.

Totally dependent upon God’s grace, we are called to holiness as exemplified in Jesus and explained in the Bible.

Because Jesus is Lord of all, we are expected to call everyone to faith and point people to His saving Lordship through our confession, conduct, and countenance.

We exist to honor God in all things at all times and share the unconditional love and JOY of Jesus with everyone.