Typical Worship Service

The following is an outline of a normal worship service:

  • Greeting (given by worship leader)
  • Announcements of the Community (by worship leader and congregants)
  • Time for Preparation (quieting your thoughts, getting into a worshipful mood)
  • Opening Praise (a heart engaging hymn or praise song)
  • Passing of the Peace (greeting those around you)
  • Kids Kirk (children come forward for a conversation with the pastor)
  • Call to Confession (appropriate Bible verses read by worship leader)
  • Unison Prayer of Confession (sung or read)
  • Time for Individual Confession (silent time for prayer)
  • Assurance of Pardon (Bible verses cited, read by pastor)
  • Prayers of the People and Lord’s Prayer (prayed by the pastor)
  • Scripture Reading (read by worship leader and pastor)
  • Sermon (the moment we have all been waiting for)
  • Confessing the Faith of the Church (a historical confession read in unison)
  • Call to Stewardship (offering plate passed while choir sings an anthem)
  • Sending Praise (a rousing praise song)
  • Benediction (go in peace to serve the Lord)